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Chemical Recycling Europe

The members of Chemical Recycling Europe are united by one common goal: closing the loop for the plastics industry by offering the technology to chemically recycle all plastic waste back into its original components and/or other value-added materials.

To help our members achieve this goal, Chemical Recycling Europe (ChemRecEurope) was established in 2019 to promote and implement the innovative solutions that the chemical recycling of plastic waste offers to benefit our economy and society. ChemRecEurope represents the interest of the European chemical recycling industry towards the public and European institutions. Chemical recycling technologies play a decisive role in closing the loop and supporting the transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy in Europe. 

Provide sustainable solutions to overcome the current challenges of recycling processes

Protect nature by transforming plastic waste into a valuable resources.

Endlessly recycle plastic waste by transforming it back into its components or other products. 

Save CO2 emissions and reduce the carbon footprint of our industry. 

Reduce landfilling by offering sustainable end-of-life options for all plastic waste. 

Our members provide innovative technological solutions to support one of our societies biggest challenges: the transition towards a circular economy without unnecessary waste. 

Chemical Recycling Europe promotes chemical recycling on the European level. Today, this technology has many obstacles, including regulatory barriers and legal uncertainty. 

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Making A Difference

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"It is the right time to enhance the opportunities for chemical recycling in Europe in order for the plastics industry to be fully circular. We will work together with all stakeholders having an interest in our activities and we want to ensure a “plastics back to plastics” development in order to differentiate our activity from incineration."

Carlos Monreal, ChemRecEurope President

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Chemical Recycling Europe

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John SEWELL - General Secretary

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