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Our Solutions

The members of Chemical Recycling Europe (ChemRecEurope) offer innovative and unique technologies to transform previously unrecyclable plastic waste into new raw materials. Chemical recycling makes it possible to close the loop and provides numerous solutions to some of our economies biggest problems. 

Chemical recycling allows the transformation of all types of plastic waste back into its original chemical components. By creating a new, secondary raw material that offers the same quality as virgin feedstock, chemical recycling can help to close the loop and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

The change from virgin polymers based on fossil fuels to recycled polymers as raw materials for the creation of plastics products saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions. This is why chemical recycling can help to combat global warming and further limit the CO2 footprint of plastic products.

The capability to treat all kinds of plastic waste, even those untreatable with mechanical recycling, gives plastic waste a new value and will help to reduce its landfilling or incineration. All plastic waste should be recycled and reused to benefit from its full potential without wasting valuable resources.  

By reducing the use of fossil fuels as feedstock, decreasing CO2 emissions, and cutting down landfilling, chemical recycling helps to increase the sustainability of our society and safeguard our planet. By giving value to all plastic waste, it can also play an importing role in the fight against littering.  

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