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Gather insights on the Chemical Recycling Market from Dr. Mohammad Hayatifar

AMI’s Chemical Recycling conference is taking place 3-4 November 2020 in Hamburg, Germany and will focus on the range of technologies available, the impact on the wider environment and meeting plastics recycling targets.

To give you a sneak peek of the conference, we spoke to Dr. Mohammad Hayatifar, Secretary

General of Chemical Recycling Europe, who will be speaking on day 1 from the “Key Insights into the Chemical Recycling Market” session. He gave insight into the future of plastics recycling and what he will be speaking about in November. Read the interview, here.

Here is a little preview of the interview:

How do you see the plastics recycling industry developing and growing in the next three-to five years?

“Demand for recycled plastics in Europe is increasing, driven by legislation, economics and

the need for sustainable use of resources. In the coming years, I believe chemical recycling will become more widely understood and accepted by producers, governments, and consumers as a complementary solution to achieving a zero plastic waste society.

Industrialization through key partnerships and investments in technology and operational

excellence would result in higher recycling rates, product quality and revenue.”

To view the full interview, click here.

The Chemical Recycling conference is an essential meeting place for anyone looking to learn more and develop in the rapidly changing industry. Expand your knowledge and build business connections with industry experts, secure your place today.

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