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ReNewELP wins the FlexPack Recovery Challenge

ReNewELP, a member of ChemRec Europe, was recently selected as the winner of the FlexPack Recovery Challenge, launched by Closed Loop Partners and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC).

FlexPack Recovery Challenge is an open competition for innovators, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to submit new ideas for reprocessing technologies capable of beneficially recovering multi-material flexible packaging waste.

“ReNewELP submitted a detailed, transparent process description and market analysis. “We were impressed with the processing capacity scale (up to 80,000 - 100,000 tons per year in their initial facility) and the fact that their unique CAT-HTR technology allows for mixed waste feedstocks, including paper, PET and organics. Their modular approach considers variable material costs in different markets and their end markets for diverse hydrocarbon products like oils, waxes, and chemicals represent large market potential,” said representatives from the SPC and Closed Loop Partners. Read a Q&A with Richard Daley (Managing Director of ReNewELP) here.

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